Welcome to Allure Dental Aesthetics!

Meet Our Team

Welcome to Allure Dental Aesthetics! Dr. Keen-Ramirez and her team are excited for you to experience a different kind of dentistry. We are proud to provide a unique blend of professional expertise and personalized treatment, all in a vibrant, friendly, relaxing environment!

The Best Environment for Your Best Smile!


At Allure Dental Aesthetics, we pride ourselves on being different. Dr. Keen-Ramirez believes dentistry should have a personal touch in its approach and treatment. She founded the practice to provide a level of care and attention in dentistry that most corporate practices simply cannot deliver.


There is no “one size fits all” equation at Allure Dental Aesthetics because, to us, that is not how dentistry should be or feel to the patient. Dr. Keen-Ramirez designs all treatments with the person in mind. Here, our team will remember your name, what treatments you have undergone, and all of your dental goals and aspirations.
Allure Dental Aesthetics Office


Our office is carefully curated to help you become as comfortable and relaxed for all dental treatments! Do you want to watch tv or listen to music? Or maybe you want a weighted blanket and an eye massage? The team at Allure Dental Aesthetics will do everything possible to help you feel relaxed and comfortable so you get the very best out of your experience with us.

Welcome to a More Beautiful You!

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Make A Reservation

Dr. Keen-Ramirez and her team want to get to know you as a person and become familiar with your dental records before treatment starts! We at Allure Dental Aesthetics like to get a complete picture of your overall health history because it helps us determine the best approach to your customized care.
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Personalized Treatment Plan

Dr. Keen-Ramirez believes everyone should get regular dental health scans because the insights it provides can signal problems beyond the mouth. We take a comprehensive approach to dentistry, and a healthy smile is a good indicator of a fit body. All dental plans at Allure Dental Aesthetics are built from the ground up, so giving you the best smile possible requires regular examinations.
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Allure Dental Aesthetics offers thorough consultations, flexible payments, and an excellent in-house membership plan! Our experienced team will help you determine your best payment method and answer any questions about pricing, treatments, etc.!
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A Difference that Makes the Difference

Dr. Keen-Ramirez and her team work hard to maintain a practice environment that always feels bright, fresh, and inviting to anyone who wants to improve themselves. All are welcome, whether you've met all your dental goals and want to maintain your smile or are scared of the dentist and haven't been in a decade! At Allure Dental Aesthetics, we have something to offer all of our patients, whether it be a specific treatment or a minor gesture that will make the difference between an average visit to the dentist and an incredible experience.
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